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Performing with Cardew Choir & Gusty Winds at the Richard Waters New Music Festival, 6/27/15, at Berkeley Arts Gallery & Performance Space

The 3rd Annual Richard Waters New Music Festival celebrates invented instruments and extended techniques, and features composers, musicians, and instrument builders from the greater Bay Area. The festival is inspired by the late Richard Waters and his invention, the Waterphone (pictured above). This year’s festival includes a Waterphone Orchestra and a guest appearance by Rayme [...]

Rotating Creative Crops

Please note: Since this is a very popular post that is relevant to creative process and managing your time and direction when you’re working on creative projects, I keep re-posting it each year so that new Creative Sage Arts readers can check it out. It was originally published on November 10, 2008. Several years ago, [...]

Something to Thrill You on Halloween, My Dears!

Thriller, composed by Michael Jackson; performed accapella, recorded, edited and mixed to 64 tracks by Francois Macre (especially great with headphones) Attack of the Robots! Back to the blog front page… Return to the Cathryn Hrudicka Company Home Page

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