Performing Tower Ring by Pauline Oliveros, at the Ann Hamilton Sound Tower on the Oliver Ranch, Northern California Wine Country, June 4-5, 2011

Deep Listening Institute presents

TOWER RING, by Pauline Oliveros

In the Ann Hamilton Tower at Oliver Ranch
Located in Geyserville, in Sonoma County, Northern California

Performance Dates: June 4 and 5, 2011, at 4:00 p.m.

The legendary composer launches World Premiere of new work in Ann Hamilton’s Tower at famed Oliver Ranch in Sonoma County, California.

Contemporary composer Pauline Oliveros’ site-specific composition, commissioned by Oliver Ranch Foundation, will resonate the walls of the magnificent tower created by artist Ann Hamilton for two rare performance events in the late afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, June 4th and 5th, 2011, which truly will be once-in-a-lifetime experiences for both the audience and the performers. (I am proud and very blessed to be among the stellar ensemble of performers.)

The listening audience will be positioned on the tower’s elegant, spiraling, double helix stairways, where they will be able to experience vibrant audio sensations unlike any they’ve heard before. The top of the tower is open to the sky; at the bottom is a reflective pool of water. There are 24 unusual, rectangular light wells placed in various locations on the round, concrete, 76-foot tower. In a mythic setting, armed with a multitude of tiny, shimmering bells, the audience will become an integral part of the performance.

A confluence of carefully orchestrated sounds will emanate from a rising and descending traditional gong to float and merge with choral voices. A custom made tower-length long wire instrument and the long smooth tones of a didjeridu will provide a completely unique sonic experience. There will be additional musicians and instruments, and a spoken word text in one section of the event, performed by author/performer Ione. Composer Pauline Oliveros will be among the noted performers.

The two performances will take place among the rolling hills and magical oaks of the Oliver Ranch, located in the Geyserville, California wine country. The audience will be shuttled to a meeting place, where they will take a brief, scenic hike to the tower, past several other site-specific sculptural works that have been designed by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time, commissioned by the Oliver Ranch Foundation. The performances will benefit the not-for-profit arts organization, Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.

Deep Listening® is a philosophy and practice developed by Pauline Oliveros that distinguishes the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary selective nature of listening. The result of the practice cultivates appreciation of sounds on a heightened level.

About the Performers

In addition to the voices of the Cardew Choir, directed by Tom Bickley, members of existing trios and quartets will be a part of the performance. I am very honored to be included among the Cardew Choir performers, and am fortunate to have known Pauline Oliveros for many years as a music/arts mentor and friend.

Cardew Choir members who will perform in Tower Ring include:

Tom Bickley, Director
Nancy Beckman
Diane Caudillo
Tom Duff
Brad Fischer
Frances Hopson
Cathryn Hrudicka
Brenda Hutchinson
Bob Marsh
Marianne McDonald
Kalonica McQuesten
Ann O’Rourke
Una Nakamura
Eric Glick-Riemann
Nathan Rosquist
Katherine Setar
Sarah Rose Stiles
Eric Theise
Sandra Yolles

Other Performers include:

The Deep Listening BandPauline Oliveros, conch/harmonica; Stuart Dempster, conch/didjeridu; and David Gamper, conch/overtone flutes

Horns of HathorPauline Oliveros; Ione, improvisational spoken word; and Chris Chafe, long wire instrument)

Timeless Pulse — Pauline Oliveros, with percussionists George Marsh and Jennifer Wilsey.

Mills College students will join in the performance on various instruments.

Brenda Hutchinson will be Bell Mistress for the event; artist Renko Dempster will create real-time drawings during the performance; and movement will be guided by choreographer/dancer Christopher Pilafian.

Here is a video clip from KQED-TV’s program, “Spark,” about artist Ann Hamilton and the design and construction process of the Sound Tower, with composer/performer Meredith Monk and her vocal ensemble rehearsing and performing for the Tower’s opening:

For more information about the Ann Hamilton Sound Tower, photos, and amazing video clips of a variety of other vocal and instrumental ensembles that have performed there, visit the Oliver Ranch Foundation site.

Attire for the Audience:

It is suggested that audience members wear walking shoes and comfortable clothing.

Ticket Information:

There are three ticket price levels for this benefit event, which is nearly sold out:

$100 — Concert only.

$250 (Special offer) — Includes the concert and a special tour of the famed Oliver Ranch. This often requested tour will take place at a mutually agreeable time during 2012.

$500 (Special offer) — includes the concert, Oliver Ranch tour, a DVD of the performance, and a signed score of Tower Ring by composer Pauline Oliveros.

Tickets can be purchased online only through Brown Paper Tickets.

Those who are unable to attend are invited to help support the event by purchasing tickets for one or more students who would like to attend. Contact Lisa Kelley to make arrangements.

More information is available at the Deep Listening Institute site.

Richard Links, owner of Links Sound, will be recording the performances, along with others on the production team. Richard and Cathryn Hrudicka will be shooting video and taking photographs, which will be added to this blog (in a new, forthcoming post), and at other sites shortly after the event. Keep checking this blog for updates.

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