Fiction, Poetry, Scripts

Novels by Cathryn Hrudicka:

2008 Unbound Sequences

2007 Hive Noise

2006 Sage Lightning

2005 Winter Melon

2004 Zero Crossing

2003 Jammin’ in the Magic Room

2002 The Perpetual Tenant

2001 The Departed—which may be changed back to its original title, Conversations with the Departed, or renamed.

(The 2001 novel was named many years prior to the release of the Martin Scorsese film of the same title.)

All titles and content copyrighted 2001-2008 to Cathryn Hrudicka, all rights reserved.

I’m honored to be an eight time NaNoWriMo Winner, 2001-2008. I have had some reputable agents express interest in my novels, and my next steps are to finish preparing at least 2-3 of them to send off to the agents; or, consider self-publishing at least one of them, or pursue both courses with different books.

Additionally, I could envision several of my novels as films, so I’m working on screenplay adaptions of them.

A full synopsis of each novel is available upon request by reputable literary agents, publishers, or in rare instances, friends and colleagues. Just contact me and ask.

I’ll update this page periodically, with more information about my novels, stories, poetry, scripts and other creative works. Please check back here every month or two, or get on my email list.

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