Creativity Coaching

I offer exciting individual, work team, and group coaching, mentoring and consulting programs and information products for our favorite people—creative sages of all ages. I can help you take your artistic dreams to a whole new level and innovate to be great. As a creativity and innovation coach, I work individually with artists of all disciplines, plus creative work teams and organizations. My background also includes training as an executive coach.

Some upcoming programs and workshops include:

• Creative Sage™ Spark Plug! Creativity Enhancement—For Writers, Musicians, Dancers, Theatre Artists, Visual Artists, Media Makers, Designers and others in creative professions, including creative work teams!

• Creative Sage™ Light Switch Moments—Break through Creativity Challenges

• Creative Sage™ Creativity Tune-Up—Sustaining Creative Passion

• Creative Sage™ Creativity Check-In—Honoring and Maintaining Your Creative Life

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To set up an introductory coaching session, call us in the San Francisco Bay Area, at: 1-510-845-5510 or email me for more information.

I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mendocino, California, but my team and I work with clients across the U.S.A. and around the world, in person or by telephone, email and Webinar.

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